Our History

At Mayer & Associates Advisory, LLC, we focus on full service that’s completely customized to the client’s individual needs and objectives. As an independent firm, we’re objective about which products and services will address the clients’ needs. We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously, which means our clients come first. Serving clients in a fiduciary capacity, we act in accordance with the client’s overall objectives which is why you will find us going to great lengths to get to know each and every client. That requires good financial management and always keeping your goals at the forefront of our commitment.

Our Service Commitment to Clients

  • We hold our ourselves to the fiduciary standards at all times in our advisory relationships, meaning that we will act solely in your best interest and always put your interests ahead of ours.
  • We will listen to you and ask questions until we fully understand what is important to you and what you wish to accomplish through the planning process.
  • We will fully disclose and explain all planning fees, investment management fees, insurance and investment commissions, and any other fees that you may incur before implementing any strategy.
  • We will coordinate your legal and tax work among your various advisors or refer you to professionals in these fields if needed.
  • We will stay in touch to evaluate your progress, our performance, and address any questions that you have.
  • We will return your phone calls and emails within 24 hours.
  • We will continually study financial markets and the financial planning industry in order to provide you with the most substantive and current information available.
  • We will meet with you at least annually for a review and if needed make adjustments to your plan given any life, business, or financial changes that have occurred.
  • We will be clear and transparent in all of our dealings.
  • We will provide the utmost confidentiality with regard to the information you provide us
  • We will, as much as possible, use plain language and educate you.

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